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Welcome to my second web site. I'm working on putting together a selection of "interesting things", you know stuff I'm interested in that I think other folks may also find interesting and maybe even useful. So browse through my "interesting things", if you see something that interests or helps you great!!

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I've put in the following links to my specific interest pages. Follow the link you think might interest you and you will find information and links about the subject and places on the web that sell or service the interest area.

I've also provided a link to my other web site, it also provides interesting information. I built it using the Tripod File Manger" tools, rather than the Tripod "Site Builder" as this site was .

My other site, also very usefull.


Bob's Hawaii Pages

Travel tips and sites!

Great Games!

The following links are for web services that can make your web experience more enjoyable.

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