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Great Games!

This page is devoted to the various joys of on-line and electronic gaming.

The following sites are wargaming sites. Warhammer 40K, etc.

Games Workshop (WH 40K)

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Site distributes demos of upcoming Japanese games. Only in Japanese, so you'll have set your brouser to handel this.

The Official World of Warcraft Site

                                                      Act of War: High Treason From Direct2Drive Now!

The links below are on-line RPG sites and RPG information.

Square Enix USA SITE

The first set of sites are all Baldur's Gate related. The first site offers a good looking selection of training, so I took you in at the Home Page, you'll have to select the BG link.

A great Baldur's Gate Site

Baldur's Gate Maps

The Gatehouse

The following sites are on-line games or e-mags.

Shilla II RPG site

Space Merchant site

IGN PC Gaming On-Line e-zine

Game Burn World, lots of good stuff

ROSE on-line home page

These are sites that sell gaming stuff.

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GAMES UNIVERSE - What Games Do You Want To Play!

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