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Interesting Things
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Welcome to my home page. I've put together a selection of interesting things, stuff that I'm interested in and that I hope other folks may find useful. So browse through my interest areas, if you see something that interests you great!!

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I've put in the following links to my specific interest pages. Follow the link you think might interest you and you will find information about the subject and places on the web that sell or service the interest area.

Books and Reading.

Catholicism and the Catholic Church

If you are interested in car buying or car show information I've found a few useful sites.

If you are interested in online banking or stock trading information.

For those interested in Japanese Animation or Martial Arts.

If you are interested in dieting and nutrition or Health & Beauty stuff, such as glasse, contacts, or medicines.

If you are interested in photography and on-line photo sharing.

If you are interested in do it yourself home handyman type things, here are some sites to help you out..

If you are interested in buying or renting movies or games then either of thes pages are for you.

These two links will take you to either a bunch of useful links or to my other web page.

The following links are for web services that can make your web experience more enjoyable.

This one might just

If you like what you see, or just have a comment, you can send me an email at:

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