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Our Hawaii Trip
Other places around Maui

Here are some pictures from our trips to Hawaii. The first 4 were taken with a HP 215 digital camera in August 2001. The next batch were taken with a Minolta DiMAGE S404 in July 2003.


The first thing each day was to start with a good breakfast and an even better view!

view from the hotel room

This is a view from our hotel room in the Hyatt at Ka'anapali beach.

View from the Weston, July 2003


I'm not sure how many rainbows we saw, but it seemed like at least one a day.


This was the view from the S.S. Independence as we returned to the harbor at Kahului, Maui. Alas, on the last day of our trip.

A beauty of a sunrise on Haleakala, just before the bike ride down. WOW!