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Catholic Information

This page contains information for those interested in Catholism.

I hope you find something that intrests you.

I'll be adding a links list and trying to find interesting sites and bits of information to pass along.

Again, Welcome soon there will be more!


Here are a few links to visit.

Marymount University, Arlington, VA: A great school!
Christendom College, Front Royal, VA: A Pontifical School

I'll be adding links to good Catholic Sites, for both research and revelation.

Catholic Answers: A very good site for Catholic Answers.
Arlington Diocese: This is the homepage for the Arlington Diocese This site offers a great start page for all things Catholic
Catholic Educators Resource Center: Excellent Sourec of Information!
Two Thousand Years of Catholic Writings: Excellent!
FATIMA NETWORK on-line : Insprational
A History of the General Councils - Essays on each of the 20 General Councils, dating from Nicaea in 325 to the Vatican in 1870.
Sketches of Church History - Covers the early Eastern church, then the Western through the Reformation.
The Holy See - Starting Point for the Holy See in English.
The Fathers of the Church - This site is at New Advent .ORG they have a good alphabetic listing.
The Summa Theologica - This is a "Lite" version of the Summa Theologica.
The Intratext Summa Theologica - This is a version of the Summa Theologica with concordance.
This is a massive page that seeks to share the message of Christianity and the fullness of Catholicism. Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
The Ames Hymn Collection - This is a site providing extensive lists of Hymns, both music files and words.

The following link will take you to a wonderful Catholic publisher. Enjoy!

Catholic Books, Videos and more

The following link will take you to the home page for the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging .

This is a lay Catholic organization serving the poor at mission sites around the world.. Help CFC to help others.

The following link will take you to an on-line sales site that offers half-price sales.

Buy and Sell Religious Books at

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