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Welcome to my On-line Banking page!!

I've picked a few usefull sites to help you with on-line banking and bill paying, I hope you find something that interests you. If you are more interested in the Stock market, you might try my "Stock Page".

As time goes on, I'll be adding to the collection of banners at the bottom of the page. Each of these are sites that I have found useful. I'll continue to look for interesting sites and bits of information to pass along. Again, welcome!

Let's see a little history, first CompuBank was bought by NetBank. Then NetBank was taken over by ING Direct. Wow, wonder what will happen next! I hear that Capital One may be gunning for the on-line services of ING. Well untill then, ING Direct still provides access to on-line checking, savings, ATM , and other traditional banking services. They offer no service charge with a modest minimum deposit. They can be found here ING Direct .

The folks at the PayPal site provide the user with the ability to pay or to collect for on-line transactions. This is a great service if you are participating in on-line auctions or if you just want to buy or sell to anyone who has an e-mail address.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

If you need to pay by paper chaeck, haea is a site to save you on purchasing thoes checks.

Shop Fun Checks at Checks SuperStore

< The "" site will give you acces to lots of useful tools that will aid you in preparing you doing your taxes and general finance. This is the basic Home Page for the IRS site, it will take you to where you can start to gather information about tax preparation Internal Revenue Service". If you want to keep as much of your hard earned dollars, check out the folks at TurboTax.

These are a couple of good mortgage sites, you can shop between them. If you don't know what your credit rateing is your could Order a 3-BUREAU CREDIT REPORT from for $34.90. SEE what's in your report TODAY to insure 100% accuracy TOMORROW!.

However, I would suggest going to this site, Credit&Debt, if you are concerned about your credit.

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If you need cash really fast, one of these sites can help you.

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Maybe if you want to make some $$$ to put into your account, then you can check this site out.

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