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My Automotive Stuff Page!!

On this page I've put up various automotive sponsor banners for test. I'll be adding content to provide information. If you see something interesting, please click it and go take a look.

I'll be adding a links list and trying to find interesting sites. Again, Welcome and check back because this page changes often!

Here are some of the major Automotive Manufacturer Web pages.

Nissan USA Home Page

Ford Motor Home Page

General Motors Home Page

Chrysler Motors Home Page

Toyota USA Home Page

Honda USA Home Page

Hyundai USA Home Page

I'll get the rest of the world as I go along. This just covered the major US and some of the Asian manufacturers.

Here are a couple of excellent car show and modifier pages... check'em out!

Hot Import Nights (HIN) has taken the import scene to new heights, attracting record numbers in cities across the nation and setting a new standard for car shows. .

Overboost.COM a one-stop portal for anything performance automotive.

This is a great site for you do-it-yourself mechanics.... Engine-Codes. This site gives you all the Engine codes or On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) from your vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. will provide you a definitions, description, symptoms and a possible solution of your vehicle's OBDII codes. USE IT, ITS GREAT!

This is a good site to get parts, filters, and stuff you need for everyday use.

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $75!


The folks at Genesis have a nice mix of specalized parts. $20 Off on Auto Parts

Auto Barn - Shop on-line at our 5-Star Rated Site

here are some other sites to buy tires and accessories.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying Since 1979

Save on tires now!

Here are a few links to visit.

If you need something to do while driving

Sirius Satellite Radio - $30 Rebate Free $10 - $30 gift card with iPod MP3 players

These links will take you to a good bunch of pages to help you find your new ride.

Search Bargain Motors - Find Cars from $500

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Find the Latest Car Incentives at

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Airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations

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