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I hope you find something that interests you.

I'll be adding more links to the list and trying to find interesting sites and bits of information to pass along.

Again, ENJOY! There will be more soon!


I'll be adding links to good Anime Sites that you might like visit This site has all of the latest and many old and hard to find Manga! On the site you will find 1000s of free english translated manga scans to read online. Discover the world of otaku!

Anime Web Turnpike One of the best and most complete sites on the Web! This site offers a massive list of both Manga and Anime for your reading and viewing peasure.

Anime Theme A good site with well laid out contents. They have a free registration that allows access to their better resolution files.

Animelab, is a great online anime resource. They claim over 3214 links for over 985 anime shows! Online reviews, image galleries, midi files and much more!

AccessUp.ORG A good Japanese Anime & RPG Game Database

Animenation Link to Animenation, a great on-line Anime store

Anime News Network Link to the Anime News Network, one of the best sources of Anime news on-line.

MangaFox This is a very exaustive collection of Manga.

Great Anime Fan Info Page This is a Anime Fan information page maintained by Gilles Poitras.

Anime Chains Network This is an execllant resourse for the Anime Otoku.

ADV Films This anime and manga manufacturer's site gives you access to the latest information on new releases from ADV.

Anime Movie Guide This is a very comprehensive site. They offer themselves as "#1 online anime movie guide!". The are good! make that very good!

Baka-Updates Baka-Updates is a free service brought to you by fellow anime fans. This site focuses on updates and news about the most recent anime releases by the digital fansubbing groups.

Baka-Updates - Manga Division This is the Baka-Update area devoted to Manga. It performs the same role for Manga Fans as Baka-Updates does for Anime fans.

I have provided several anime sites, as they do not all have the same content. If you are looking for a particular anime but can not find it, try a different site or switch between the English and Japanese names. Enjoy!.

The following is a great anime site - LOVE MYANIME.NET.


The following is a mixed cartoon/anime site that offers both dubbed and subbed anime -


The following is a good anime site that offers both dubbed and subbed anime -


Another good anime site that offers both dubbed and subbed anime -


If you that really want to get understand what is happening in anime vids, you might try this,!

For those of you that are into trying to decipher manga in its origional text, here are a few useful sites!

Kanjisite This will take you to a great Kanji page that is aimed primarily at people who are studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Kanjistep Here you can find information about the Japanese language, culture and other Japan related topics. The goal of the site's authors is to help students of Japanese to master the language and build a global community of people interested in Japan, its language and culture.

Japanese Writing Tutor This page is meant to help students of Japanese practice their writing skills.

Here's something different, Kawaii-radio an Anime, Jpop Streaming Music Station


For those of you that really want to get into your anime a few COSPLAY sites! This page is the Internet's primer cosplay community. They have everything!

Milanoo Japanese Manga and Anime Cospaly House

The following links will take you to places to buy things. Thanks for visiting!

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The following site, CD-Universe, offers low cost music and video choices. You can jump and look around, or you can use the search feature to find a specific video.

VIDEO UNIVERSE - Find Your Favorite Movies!

AnimeNation - The Anime Source! - Anime Super Store